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Production Notes
In 1864, Abraham Lincoln sent troops
into Louisiana with the express plan of
putting Union flags in Texas.  They
called it the
Red River Campaign.  Most
Texans didn’t take kindly to the
general idea and formed units of the
Texas Cavalry and headed to Louisiana
to fight.  Two of those men were George
McQuire and Barkley E. Ballard, and
this film explores this struggle from a
battlefield letter and those at home.

 We have wrapped up
our movie project
but would still appreciate your thoughts
on this project from all participants and
from those who may have viewed the
results.  If you are interested in
acquiring a copy of this film, please let
us know as we are now making
arrangements to make copies on
D. Robert Smith
Shooting Schedule
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She is clothed with strength and dignity;
she can laugh at the days to come.  ~ Prov. 31:25.
Welcome to our internet page
regarding our recent film project.  
We hope that you will find this
information edifying and helpful,
and that it will please our Lord.
We have been blessed with a
remarkable legacy of love and
faithfulness to our Lord.  In our
film, we have tried to honor and
pass down that godly heritage to our
children, and to share it to spread
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have purposed to show right
attitudes and a godly orientation in
every frame, supported by
appropriate music and making the
most of this opportunity to
communicate His message.   
We deeply appreciate all of the help
from our friends and family in the
production of this short film, but
most of all for the mercy and love
of our Lord who inspired and
sustained this entire project.

Please let us know how we may
improve this ministry along with any
ways that you feel it is beneficial.
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Nancy Ballard, Amarinta Ballard
McGuire (Seale), Nancy Dulcina
"Dolly" Ballard, and Betsy McGuire
depicted in a scene from
Better Dignity
Behind the scenes at Rehoboth
Ranch shooting the film What
Better Dignity