Music for a Parable
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Our Lord blessed us with wonderfulChristian
musicians, including professionals, who
generously contributed their time and talents
to this film project.  May our Lord richly bless
them for their kindness and generosity in
making this possible.
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After much prayer, James Gallagher
agreed to help us in the post-production
recording of the music.
Amy and James arranged music
from hymns and composed special
music for this film.
Then he, Amy Smith, and
Chris McNeill recorded
the music.  Finally, Chris
McNeill mixed the music
and Andrew and Amy
Smith laid it into the film.
We are so blessed with the
good results that our Lord
gave us in such a short time,
and are grateful to all of
those who made this possible.
May our Lord bless
their ministries and
allow us to work
together again soon.
And other fell on good
ground, and did yield fruit
that sprang up and increased;
and brought forth, some
thirty, and some sixty, and
some an hundred. Mark 4:8.